PoBL – Dr. Mohammed Alsumiri RCYCI, YIC EPET (04 Jan 2016)

Project Based Learning course (PoBL)

It has been a great opportunity to join PoBL course offered by German Malaysian Institute (GMI), in which I have gained a valuable knowledge in teaching and learning techniques. It has been also a good chance for sharing knowledge and teaching experiences.

Here, I really would like share my ten days experience in attending the PoBL course. The GMI trainers started the course by introducing PoBL, providing some examples and sharing their experience in implementing PoBL at GMI. The environment of the sessions was friendly and comments of RCYCI members were really valuable. I believe one of the important points coved was to distinguish between problem base learning and PoBL.

In this ten days course, the group have been trained to convert their courses to PoBL based courses. The importance of the project statement along with the driving question have been overviewed.

In addition, in this course the GMI trainers focused on explaining and introducing a time management. The group shared their knowledge and experiences with GMI trainers and the session was ended by valuable strategies plan for projects. Rubrics, which is highly important step in designing course assessment rules, has been discussed in details and every group member shared his assessment criteria with others.

upon successful completion of this course the group members are ready to implement PoBL in their courses as the training covered the main aspect in PoBL technique. Lastly, I would like to express my thanks and gratitude to RCYCI management and to GMI trainers.

Dr. Mohammed Alsumiri RCYCI, YIC EPET
04 Jan 2016

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