Leadership and Management Workshop 2015

The ten-day intensive workshop was organized by the Education Development Center (EDC) in collaboration with one of the best in business – Polytechnics International New Zealand (PINZ). After the full program, the participants completed online assignments and were evaluated on the course content and application.​ ​Dr. Andrew Codling and Dr. John Clayton – experts in leadership training and policy, gave the workshop to RCYCI male heads of departments and Dr. Jennie Billot trained the female leaders in the Women’s Campus.​ The Royal Commission Yanbu Colleges and Institutes Sector – RCYCI- is strategically identifying emerging leaders and investing in their training to remain competitive. This workshop, conducted from 30th March to 10th May 2015, was a step in this direction.​ ​Dr. Ahmed Dabroom, Director General of the Royal Commission Yanbu Colleges & Institutes (RCYCI)​,​ appreciated the efforts of the EDC and the Planning & Development Directorate in organizing the workshop successfully. He also congratulated the following participants who have received certificates of merit from PINZ:

01.​ ​Dr. Wael Alharbi
02.​ ​Dr. Mohammed Adnane Habib
03.​ ​Dr. Rajiva Menon
04.​ ​Mr. Mohammed Ashar Khan
05.​ ​Dr. Maram McMullen
06.​ ​Dr. Farhat Nasar
07. ​ ​Ms Rohaizan Mohd Shahir
08.​ ​Ms. Haifa Johani
09.​ ​Dr. JoDee Walters
10.​ ​Ms. Fatima Alhkamash
11. ​Ms. Fatima Khalil Alturkistani
12. Dr. Suzan Hasan AlDoubi
13.​ Ms. Malak AlSharif

Dr. Dabroom awarded the certificates to male meritorious participants at a ceremony at his office. He also commended the achievement of the female faculty members and said that an appreciation letter will be sent to them from his office.

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