Assessment Drives Learning (ADL)

The Assessment procedures have evolved from traditional to more valid and reliable ones. The traditional assessment practices focus on WHAT knowledge, understanding and abilities students have attained at a particular time i.e. throughout the academic year or semester without assessing HOW they do it. The current assessment procedures include student self-assessment, peer-assessment and group assessment to enhance students’ learning, and to diversify the range of assessment approaches and formats used in higher education. The ADL module provides insights and repositions the role of assessment by focusing on HOW aspect rather than WHAT. The program suggests that this can be achieved by allowing learners to become partners in the assessment process.   Recent research (Race 2010) suggests that students should know in advance the areas in which they will be assessed, with a focus on the gaps between where learners are in their learning, and where they need to be. In addition, this program offers insights about the principles of assessment and designing and implementing a rubric for assessment procedures.

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